About Us

SUPERBLOOM is an independent modern media content & production company.

We Are A Modern Media Content & Production Company

Media is a moving target.

Audience attention is fading.

It is harder than ever for brands to connect with people.

SuperBloom offers brands access to a different and diverse network of creative and production talent.

From streamers to showrunners to social media content creators, our behind the camera network of talent are born of modern media platforms.

Together, we create content for brands that performs better because it is made intentionally for the channel in which it will live.


Cultural Content

Social content solutions, Always on newsrooms, Quick turn cultural content, Content creators studios, User generated content, Assets at scale

Product Marketing

Edutainment, Product demos & how to’s, Tutorials & testimonials, UI based story-telling, Fan experiences

Branded Entertainment

Digital content series, Long form documentaries, Virtual events, Audio, Music events, In game experiences

Full Service Production

Shoot production, Post production, Production governance, Broadcast, print and digital production, Experiential, Business affairs


The team

  • Briony McCarthy

    CEO & Founding Partner

  • Tom Dunlap

    Chief Content Officer & Founding Partner

  • Adam Milano

    Head of Content Development

  • Gregg Hirschorn

    Head of Content Strategy

  • Sheena Wagaman

    Head of Post Production

  • Elizabeth Lefler

    Head of Content Management